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Our history

A passionate fan of Italian culture and 60’s movies, Anthony trained rigorously in Rome’s top gastronomic restaurants where he acquired the secrets of master chefs – how to choose  the right flour from different varieties of wheat, how to select and grate the best cheeses,and  how to prepare the perfect sauce with ingredients fresh from the market. He specialized in Pizza alTaglio – the Roman pizza served in square slices –and was the first to import the concept outside of Italy. Fifteen years ago, he created MAMMA ROMA, the famous European pizza brand, and people even lined up in the street just to get to eat his authentic Roman pizza.

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Tasty & crispy

nthony’s individual pizzas, 35 cm in diameter, are works of wonder

For the dough, he uses a top brand of flour imported from Italy and lets it ferment for 24 hours with a natural leavener. This makes it light and easy to digest, and keeps the dough airy, crusty and tasty.  Anthony’s expertise also involves rapid baking – 3 minutes at high temperature to ensure a crispy dough.
He covers this delicate dough with a real Italian sauce made with fresh peeled Italian tomatoes flavored with fresh basil, garlic confit in olive oil and Guerande flower salt. Anthony’s emphasis on detail is seen in his choice of ingredients which include smoked Norwegian salmon, delicious Tamar cherry tomatoes, real Italian Parmesan cheese, and freshly ground pepper.  And in his desserts such as the chocolate mousse with olive oil, he uses only organic eggs. Anthony pays special attention to the quality of his cheeses: he tastes each one before making his selection. Today, thanks to the amazing progress made in recent years, local cheese production is equal in quality to that of Europe. In order to preserve the flavor and freshness of the mozzarella, Anthony grates it himself so that it remains moist, rich, and gooey.
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red pizzas

His pizzas are based on original and traditional Italian recipes to which he adds a special twist
The Tartufata, his potato and truffle pizza, proved to be a big hit in his Mamma Roma restaurants in Belgium.
his Mamma Roma restaurants in Belgium or his
Discover his WHITE PIZZAS
The Americana, which was inspired by a top American chef, is a focaccia with herbed creme fraiche with dill, onion confit and topped with smoked salmon and chives.


La Margherita

Homemade tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil Homemade tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil

La Gvinata (Quatre fromages)

Homemade tomato sauce, crème fraîche, gorgonzola, mozzarella, camembert, pecorino

Delivery or “Take Away”

Just eating a Margherita pizza becomes an unforgettable moment as you savor the real taste of Italy. Or you can let yourself be seduced by Chef Anthony’s Mediterranean style pizza,
a real treat for the taste buds…

Anthony’s passion is contagious
Everyone who tastes his unique pizzas …
Will find them addictive!

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